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Agreement This website is owned and operated by Shelton Industries. Any and all use of this site is provided to you on the condition that these Terms of Use are accepted as a contractual agreement and you agree to abide by all Terms of Use by the act of accessing and or use of the site. At any time, these Terms of Use may be revised or updated without notice. It is your responsibility to regularly examine the Terms of Use to be aware of any and all changes. Any continued use of this website after such changes will constitute your continued acceptance and agreement of any said changes made. Any failure to enforce strict performance of any or all provisions of these Terms of Use by Shelton Industries shall not be interpreted as a waiver of any provision of right. If at any time you find the Terms of Use no longer agreeable, immediately cease use of this site and terminate your membership. Your use constitutes agreement all terms listed below contained within the Terms of Use.   Legal Consent At time of membership establishment, you assert that you are of legal age and maintain the ability to enter into legal binding obligations without hinderance of any kind and accept any liability that may incur as a result from the use of website.  Communications Email is the preferred method of communication. All official communication will be done only via email. Because email is not a fully secure medium of communication; Shelton Industries is not liable for any damages incurred by this form of communication, intentional or otherwise, during correspondence to and from the site, as well as, any and all emails associated with it or on either’s behalf. Any information received must be of honest origin and intent, considered to be truthful, not in violation of any other party’s legal rights. All content contained within emails sent to will considered non-confidential.  Use of Site No attempt will be made or shall be attempted to cause interference with the security of the site or any abuse to the: website, system resources, services accessible, provided content, or any of its members via this site. Any other breach not listed above will be considered an attack and as a willful attempt to cause harm.  All use of this site will be for lawful purposes only. site and its contents are intended only as a source of: enjoyment, entertainment, and knowledge for its subscribers/members and may not be used for any other purpose. Any form or attempt of: false or fraudulent registration, re-transmitting or unauthorized sharing of content, extraction methods such as data mining or data gathering, content manipulation, intention to harm this site or others, use of content for other than its stated purpose set forth by Shelton Industries is strictly prohibited.  Site Materials destructivenessShelton Industries does not represent and cannot guarantee that any and all of the materials presented on website will be free of error or of uninterrupted service to meet your individual requirements. All materials are without warranty expressed or implied for any purpose or fitness and there for accessible and provided “As Is” only. Shelton Industries shall not be held liable for any destructive, disruptive, malicious files or harmful programs that may afflict or impact your person electronic equipment to include but not limited to: computers, tablets, cellular device, data drives or other property based on your ability to: access, use of, downloading of, browsing of, or consumption of content and or materials on this site. You accept all responsibility to take all necessary precautions and take appropriate action to prevent damages thru trusted anti-virus software or other protective software and other best practices related to internet use as a normal course of action regardless of use of site Shelton Industries shall be held harmless for any such incidents regardless of level of destructiveness to any user. Trademarks Unless otherwise specifically stated, any and all references to: processes, products, services or other information by known trademark, manufacturer, trade name or otherwise does not imply or establish recommendation, sponsorship, ownership or endorsement by Shelton Industries or website on the behalf of Shelton Industries. Majority of graphic artwork available for access or download, with the exception of Gas and Oil Hobbyist logo, are not represented as being trademarked or registered to or by this site. All trademarks or registration if any belong to the company in which the artwork represents. All graphic artwork produced by Shelton Indurstries is strictly provided free of charge as bonus content only to those members who choose to support this site thru paid memberships levels. No graphic artwork is represented as having the right to sell or is being sold on this site. A paid membership level grants only access to content for personal use by printing only.  Access does not permit copying or distributing or sharing of any content thru any electronic means. For further specific restrictions see Intellectual Property section directly below.  Intellectual Property All material presented on this site are the property of Shelton Industries and may be protected by any and all intellectual property laws or other similar rights. Any and all donated or contributed material created by non-affiliated content creators, such as, Subscribers/memebers are gifted to Shelton Industries for use on website by the act of submission, therefore, are also considered property of Shelton Industries and as such protected under above stated laws and rights. Any submitted materials of any kind or format may be used at our discretion as we set fit without any approval sought from the original content creator or obligation to compensate for them in any way. Once material has been submitted, by act of submission, ownership of said intangible material transfers to Shelton Industries as a rightful owner of materials and rights associated to the material.  Only materials specifically identified as downloadable on the site may be used as such for your own personal and non-commercial proposes where no intention of monetary or financial gain is to be sought at any time regardless of reason. Downloaded materials may not be manipulate in any way or create any alternative versions of materials or otherwise exploit the materials in any fashion. The only allowable manipulation of downloadable materials is the ability to resize materials for personal printing purposes only. Any other form of manipulation will be considered a violation of Terms of Use and appropriate action will be taken against any violation and or violator. You agree to not store any digital file for longer than 30 days if not in use and not to distribute or copy any downloaded  any file to anyone for any purpose beyond temporary purpose for physical personal printing of file. Once printed you agree to properly dispose of all files from any devices.  Privacy To the best of our ability, individuals with whom we interact thru a subscription membership associated with; Shelton Industries is committed to respecting the privacy of any person and their personal information collected to facilitate such transactions.  Indemnification By use of site you agree to indemnify and hold harmless both the site and Shelton Industries against any and all asserted claims or liabilities occurring in connections with any breach of these Terms of Use whether by you or your agent on your behalf or any other active or nonactive member’s action. By use of this site you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Shelton Industries against any and all asserted claims or liabilities occurring in connections with any breach security or otherwise or attack against or Shelton Industries in any severity.  Limitation of Liability In no such event shall Shelton Industries, its directors, or agents working on its behalf be liable for any direct, indirect, exemplary, punitive, incidental of consequential damages or loss whatsoever. By use of this site and any materials without limitation contained therein you assume all accountability and risk associated with its use and agree to accept all responsibility in connection with claims that result in an action, damage, loss, or suit. As a result, you acknowledge and agree that any such dispute, action or claim against these Terms of Us must be submitted voluntarily to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of courts of the state of California within the specific county of Los Angeles. You acknowledge agree that any such dispute, action or claim against these Terms of Use submitted to any other jurisdiction or venue of courts other than within the county courts of Los Angeles will void and or relinquish any rights to such claims brought and forfeit judgment in favor of Shelton Industries. Membership Agreement You must accept in full all Terms of Use to access or use any area of this site specifically any membership portions of the site regardless of membership level. By using the site in any way constitutes full acceptance of and agreement to the Terms of Use. Shelton Industries reserves the right at its discretion to modify or change any or all sections without notice its Terms of Use policy in regard to membership at any time without notice. All changes or modifications are considered effective immediately once published on the site. It is the responsibility of members to periodically review the Terms of Use to be aware of any changes. If in disagreement with the Terms of Use, you should immediately terminate your membership and cease all use of site. As a member you agree to keep secure your assigned user name and password and to be accountable for all use and or actions done under your username at all times during your membership, regardless if done by you or others on your behalf and done by others against your behalf seeking harm at any level.  Subscription Fees Memberships purchased thru the site will be at the specified price at the time of purchase based on individual membership levels and vary depending on degree of access allowed or restricted. Multiple levels may be in existence at any given time. Membership purchaser warrants that all information provided for a credit card financial transaction is accurate and truthful in every detail and they are the legitimate and authorized account holder. Selecting to become a member you authorize Shelton Industries to charge the designated credit card submitted at time of purchase for the total amount of the purchase based on chosen membership level. You also authorize the same amount to be billed on a predetermined reoccurring monthly cycle for every month after you so choose to remain a member. In the event you wish to terminate your membership; it is your responsibility to make sure to effectively cancel your membership immediately. Shelton Industries shall not be held liable, responsible or at fault for failure to effectively cancel any membership to stop the reoccurring billing cycle from continuing. Lack of use of the site does not constitute termination or cancelation of membership and therefore the subscriber/member will remain responsible for any and all billing from any reoccurring billing cycle payments, regardless of activity or inactivity, until proper termination has been completed. You may terminate this membership agreement at any time without penalty. Membership cancelation must be effective prior to next billing cycle. You understand and agree that any remaining period of time left in last billing cycle will not be prorated; effective end of membership will end at the last day of canceled billing cycle. Any and all refunds for payment transactions on our behalf form payment processors will remit funds relating to charges incurred back to the original designated credit card holders account once approved by Shelton Industries. Processing return times can take one to three billing cycles for remitted funds.  Failure to ensure proper transmission of funds will result in immediate termination of membership. Reinstatement of membership due to any transactional dispute, such as missed payment will only occur once Shelton Industries has received notification from payment processor that transaction has been successfully completed.   Code of Conduct As a user of this site regardless of membership you agree to abide by the following Code of Conduct while making use website. You contractually agree and promise to not behave in the following manner to include, but not limited to not: abuse, stalk, harass, threaten, defame, or otherwise violate any other user’s or member’s legal rights or privacy rights and not to: troll, post, distribute, disseminate, or publish any defamatory, obscene, sexual, indecent, infringing or unlawful materials or information against Shelton Industries, the website, its staff, or any of its users or members. In most basic terms, you agree to respect all others who use this site regardless of differing: viewpoints, race, age, sex or any other differentiating factor. Any violation of this Code of Conduct will result in expulsion from the site on a permanent basis.  Privacy is owned and operated by Shelton Industries and is intended and designed for use within the United States but is accessible globally thru the internet. For personal data protection purposes, unless otherwise noted, is also the processor of personal data. At any time, this Privacy Policy may be revised or updated without notice. It is your responsibility to regularly examine these terms and be aware of any and all changes. Any continued use of the website after such changes will constitute your continued acceptance and agreement of any said changes made. Any failure to enforce strict performance of any or all provisions of the Privacy Policy by Shelton Industries shall not be interpreted as a waiver of any provision. If at any time you find the Terms of Use no longer agreeable, immediately terminate your membership or cease use of this site. As a standard practice to limit any exposure and protect privacy of our members, Shelton Industries only collects the essential data required to establish a membership and to facilitate financial transaction for subscription services if applicable. Any personal data collected for a subscription’s financial transaction is collected and processed by our third-party payment processor institution and is not collected or stored on any database owned or operated by Shelton Industries.     Shelton Industries values personal privacy and is committed to protecting your privacy. The terms of this policy apply to personal data collected via online collection. If would like to review or change any information that you have provided to us, you may make such revisions to your personal data on your individual “Membership Account” page. If further assistance is required customer service can be contacted via email at By use of website regardless of membership qualification or level; this action has expressed consent in accordance with this policy to allow Shelton Industries the right to collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information deemed necessary to facilitate operations.