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Knowledge is power. It is our objective to empower Hobbyists with the knowledge necessaryto assist fellow Hobbyists during: sales, acquisitions, forecasting, and valuations of their collections by collecting, analyzing and interpreting available data of high-demand gas pumps.   




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Amongst 65 of the most traded gas pumps and counting. 


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This value guide has been created for those discerning Hobbyists who desire to stay well-informed with the most current market values and up-to-date market conditions available. This database is focused on a specific subset of antique gasoline pumps in both restored and unrestored condition that command a highly significant position within the Gas and Oil hobby based on their availability and frequency of exchange as the most commonly traded pumps. Our database is continuously expanding to mirror the most recent market conditions available to assist Hobbyists during: sales, acquisitions, forecasting, and valuations of their collections. 

keeping accurate

We encourage all members participation to help keep us accurate as possible. Whether you recently sold a pump or bought a pump, disagree with our valuation, or just have a value to share based on your own observations. As a member we invite you to participate by submitting any value you would like to share to be included into our database. Keeping our data as accurate as possible is our ultimate objective. 

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